16 Awesome Professional Long Hairstyles :

Handling long hair can be a struggle and on top of it, styling it to look professional for office and events can be a little frustrating. As a result of this, we tend to put our hair up in a ponytail in most cases to save time. When it comes to men, getting a professional look is quite easy as they can choose any from the slick back, buzz cut, side quaff, or a brush back, as all these are appropriate for offices and are also stylish. However, with these professional long hairstyles mentioned below, you’ll not only be free of the tension of finding ways to style your long hair easily, but it’ll also help you to look more professional.



  • Sleek High Ponytail 

This is the most basic hairstyle of all as all you have to do is detangle your hair properly and put all the hair on top of your head and tie it in a nice and clean ponytail. Then using hairspray and an old toothbrush, secure all the flyaway and spray some of the hairsprays along the length of your ponytail too, to keep it in place throughout the day.

professional long Hairstyles

  • Center Part for Long Curly Hair

Curly hair always catches the eye, and it can be a style of its own. Parting hair from the middle is a trendy way to style the long, luscious curls. Start by detangling the hair and adding heat-protecting spray that works as a texturizing spray too throughout the hair as curly hair naturally requires hydration. 

Now, use a bit of hair mousse for the bottom part of your hair and scrunch it up using a micro-fibril towel. Let the hair dry out in the air or use a blow-dryer in case you do not have enough time. After drying out, the curls will give a nice bouncy effect.


  • Sleek Bun

For this hairstyle, part the hair only a bit from the middle and gather all the hair at the back of the head, and put it into a tight ponytail using an elastic band. Now, wrap the length of the hair around the base of the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins. Spray hairspray on top of the hair and brush it properly with an old toothbrush to give yourself that sleek and professional office look.

  • Faux Bangs

If you have long curly hair, then you can surely style your hair to give the illusion of a faux bang. To do this, secure your hair up in a ponytail with an elastic band and bring most of your hair from the ponytail towards your forehead. Now, roll up a scarf or a bandana and tie it around your hair so that the knot you’ve made is in the front and lastly, adjust the stray hairs with your fingers.

professional long Hairstyles


  • Twist and Curls

This hairstyle is a great way to keep the long, curly hair in a protected manner. Start by detangling your slightly damp hair and part it slightly off the center. Separate two front sections of your hair and use styling cream on it and comb it thoroughly. 

Now, take half of the sectioned hair and start creating the first two-strand twists. Keep moving diagonally from the front of the hairline to the back and keep twisting until you reach the end of your hair. Follow this procedure to complete at least 3 twists on each side and there you have your cute yet elegant-looking hairdo.


  • Half up half down ponytail 

This hairdo takes less than 5 minutes to do as all you have to do is section your long hair into two parts- the front and the back. Put the front part into a ponytail and leave the bottom part free to flow. Now, split your ponytail down the center-right above the elastic band, and flip your ponytail through the hole that you just created. You can curl the bottom part using a curling iron to add more effect to it.


  • Rope braid

This hairstyle is great for all types of long, thick, and thin hair. Just put your hair up into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Then part the hair into two sections and twist both sections. Now, twist both the sections around each other and secure it with another elastic band at the end.

professional long Hairstyles

  • Fishtail braids

This braid is an impressive choice for your office look to try out with a dress. Start by using slightly damp hair and putting some texturizing hair mousse to keep the hair in place. Now, brush your hair to one side and start the braid. For this braid, section the hair into two parts and a few strands of hair from the right side and put it on the left side. Do the same for the left side. 

This crisscrossing of hair strands will start looking like a fish’s tail and continue until you reach the end of your hair and secure it with an elastic band,


  • Twisted Updo

This stunning hair twist surely does look complicated, but it is easier to do than it looks. Start by detangling your hair and putting some hair mousse on your hair. Now take your favorite hair stick and twirl your hair around it into the desired shape. Spray hairspray into the loose hairs and tuck it into the twist using some bobby pins.


  • Bubble Ponytail

Start doing this hairstyle by adding a bit of textured hairspray to your hair and combing it out evenly. Now, put your hair up in a high or low ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Leave 2 inches of hair down the ponytail and continue to add an elastic band to it till you reach the end of the hair. Now, tag each section to create some volume and buddle-like effect and spray some hairspray to keep it in shape.

professional long Hairstyles

  • Knotted Ponytail

Detangle your hair using a comb and then take some section of your hair from the top of your head. Split it into two sections and tie a knot. Add in hair from both sides and knot it with added hair. Repeat the process a few more times till you reach the base of your neck. Then tie the hair in a ponytail using an elastic band.


  • Cornrow Ponytail

If you are a black woman with long hair, then cornrows are something that you are very well associated with. Though, cornrows can itself take 6-7 hours to make if you have long hair, you can always put them into a ponytail to make them look more elegant. 

To do cornrows, detangle your hair and part your hair into a row from the top to bottom of your head. Now, take each row and part it into three sections from the top and start braiding your hair till you reach the end of your hair and secure it with an elastic band. Follow the same procedure for the rest of the hair. 

Lastly, pull up all the hair into a ponytail and secure that with an elastic band or a scrunchy. Leave a cornrow on each side of your ear to give your face a more delicate look.

  • Top Knot

This is a bold choice for the office as it makes you look both posh and trendy and gives you a flawless look.

Start by spraying and bit of texturizing spray and brushing out the hair evenly to spread the spray through the hair. Put your hair up into a high ponytail and tie it with an elastic band. Now, take the length of your hair, wrap it around the base of your ponytail and secure it with some bobby pins. Spray some more hairsprays to keep the flyways in space. 

professional long Hairstyles

  • Sleek Pouf

This hairstyle is great for short and curly hair. Using a soft brush, gather all the hair neatly on top of your head and secure it properly with an elastic band. Then pull your curls to make it look like a bun and secure some curls using bobby pins to your head and hide them using your curls.


  • Slicked Side Part

For this, detangle your curls and side part it. Using a good hair gel, apply it along with the hairline and to the side of the hair part. Brush the gel properly to distribute it thoroughly and add a few bobby pins to secure the hair part and accentuate your look.


  • Unraveled Braids

To get this look, detangle your damp hair and put hair mousse thoroughly on it. Now, take small sections of hair and braid them from the root down the entire length of the hair and secure it with an elastic band. Repeat this process for all of the hair and then keep them however you like, whether on one side or up in a ponytail.

professional long Hairstyles

Whether the hair is long or short, styling it and keeping it intact throughout the day can be a hard task. On top of it, having a style that can be office-approved can be more tricky when you want to look both creative and unique. With these profassional long hairstyles, you don’t have to worry anymore about your next office day look.



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