use baking soda to whiten teeth

5 Effective ways to use baking soda to whiten teeth:

Who doesn’t want a beautiful smile with pearl white teeth? A smile adds beauty and complements our personality. It increases confidence and brings out our inner beauty and integrity. A modest smile can warm anyone’s heart. So, taking care of our teeth is one of our apparent doings. In that case, baking soda or Sodium bicarbonate is a fantastic medium of tooth care.Here we will be discussing 5 different & effective ways to use baking soda to whiten teeth.

Baking soda is very easy to get home remedy solution to make your teeth brighter. While commercial toothpaste is using its marketing gimmick to attract its customers, baking soda is an inexpensive component to whitening your teeth. Not only is baking soda accompanied with water but also in various ways it helps to brighten up your teeth.

How baking soda whitens your teeth?

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is a crystalline chemical compound that has an alkaline taste and often appears in fine powder. It has a mild abrasiveness. Due to abrasive and alkalinity, it helps to remove the discoloration and stains. The discoloration caused by food and drink consumption, smoking, betel leaf, etc. is very usual. But they don’t go easily, at least only with commercial toothpaste. Home remedies are the best solutions for this kind of stain. Baking soda or Sodium bicarbonate is one of the best choices.

This fine white powder has a mild abrasiveness that removes plaque on the tooth surface. If you use it for a time being you will notice the difference. Gradually it cleans up your teeth surface and eliminates stains. Just use baking soda to whiten teeth and you will get the desired result.

What about the abrasiveness?

Many people claim that baking soda is extremely abrasive and harmful to teeth enamel. Because it feels gritty when you touch and it has significant particles and sharp edges. But that’s not true. If you see through a microscope, baking soda particles have edges and corners. Whereas, silica particles, which is present in almost every toothpaste, has rounder and smooth surface. Compering between these two, baking soda particles are 15 times bigger than silica particles. As a result, silica particles are much harder than baking soda. If you rub these two objects, the harder one will damage the softer one.

use baking soda to whiten teeth

5 ways to use baking soda to whiten teeth:

Baking soda, an inexpensive household item that helps you get the best result of teeth whitening without wasting your precious money. You can use baking soda in different ways.

  • Baking Soda and Toothpaste:

    Many commercial tubes of toothpaste claim to have baking soda as their ingredient as it’s a very ideal component to whiten teeth. Baking soda alone can be used as toothpaste but the quandary comes because it’s a fluoride-free option. Consequently, it’s not a good option for cavity and germ protection.

So, amalgamating toothpaste with baking soda may give you a satisfactory result. Since toothpaste will give you cavity and germ protection, while baking soda will help to remove stains and give you whiter teeth.

  • Baking Soda with Hydrogen peroxide:

    Hydrogen peroxide is a very popular chemical compound nowadays for teeth whitening because it’s present in many dental clinics and medical stores as a teeth whitening kit. It’s also a very common household compound as an antiseptic in fast aid kits.

Hydrogen peroxide is an ideal bleaching agent. Consequently, Peroxide is such a chemical component that can penetrate the teeth layers and removes discoloration of your teeth. But correct concentration is very important because a higher proportion can damage teeth enamel and a lower proportion can be present for a long time. 

The grittiness of baking soda and the chemical action of Hydrogen per Oxide can give you an ideal desired result. But make sure to rinse well and use the right concentration. 


  • Baking Soda with Lime or Lemon juice:

    Baking Soda is a good bleaching agent, it’s a really good companion for other components as a teeth whitener. On the other hand, Lime or lemon juice is beneficial for health. But when it is focusing on teeth whitening, lemon is not a good component.  

Despite, lemon juice has a pH of 2.3. A lower pH rate is more acidic and harmful, lime juice contains Citric acid. Citric acid directly on teeth can lose Calcium. Which can leave an irreplaceable off-white color.

Many E-media claim that lemon juice and baking soda can be harmful to your teeth enamel and gum. This combination is bad for teeth as well as health. So we dont suggest to use it so often.


  • Baking Soda with Apple Cider Vinegar:

    Apple Cider Vinegar is a very good healing agent. It is also popular as a natural antibiotic and fat burner. This natural component contains Potassium, Enzymes, Acetic acid, Probiotics, Magnesium. These chemical compounds eliminate detrimental bacteria while promoting beneficial bacteria.

However, you can use apple cider vinegar in 2 ways. Either mouthwash or as toothpaste. If you want to use it as a mouth wash, take 1 or 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar, rub on your teeth, and leave it for 2 or 3 minutes. Rinse it very well, don’t leave anything. 

Baking soda will be present at the second option which is making a paste. Take 2 parts of apple cider vinegar and 1 part of baking soda. Make a paste and use it for 2 or 3 minutes. You will see an identical difference. Use it few times a week. Rinse very well. It will help you getting brighter teeth as well as will remove bad breath.

  • Coconut oil & Baking Soda paste:

    Coconut oil has multifaceted usage. Along with household works and healthy usage, it also helps with weight loss and cholesterol levels. It also helps to address inflammation and healing wounds. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, saturated fatty acid, etc. Overall it is a very inexpensive option.

Preventing tooth decay and teeth whitening, coconut oil is an unparalleled option. Hence, mix baking soda with coconut oil and make a paste. Mix some peppermint essential oil for extra freshness. You will witness the magic after using this paste for 20 minutes.  You will get an astonishing result.

In conclusion these 5 ways to use baking soda to whiten teeth are very populer and clamed to be effective, moreover magical!

Due to Internet & E-media, you get a long list of home remedies for teeth whitening. But everything is not always true or believable. At some point, some easy-to-go remedies will also need expert advice. Everyone doesn’t have the same condition of teeth. Please use these remedies after checking the full description and follow them if your dentist allows. Have a healthy life and pearl white smile!




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