14 Easy Anime Girls Long Hairstyles to try in 2021!


With the growing interest in anime and manga among teenagers, the amount of cosplay is increasing. Wanting to style hair like the favorite series characters is a common thing as these trendy and colorful hairstyles are the first thing that grabs our attention when we watch these animated characters.

So, girls with all types of hair lengths can try out these hairstyles as there are dozens to choose from, and with colorful wigs and hair extensions, these looks are now just a piece of cake to imitate.


  1. Slicked Back Hairstyles 

This hairstyle looks good on short hair and wants a very sharp and active look. This look also compliments characters who are arrogant and has an attitude to get things done, like Akebi Sasaki from Girls und Panzer, Rurichiyo Kasumiouji from Bleach, and Hari from InuYasha.


2. Side-swept Hairstyles 

Anime characters who did justice to this hairstyle were Mari Kurihara from Prison School and Milly Ashford from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. They both have a personality of an alpha female who is cold but stays headstrong as they were the presidents of their particular student councils. Girls with medium-length hair can try this look once.


3. Wild ‘n Sexy Hairstyles 

Females with voluminous, long, and thick hair can easily style their hair like Queen Bee from Golgo 13: Queen Bee, Fujiko Mine from Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna and Rias Gremory from High School DxD, as this wild and sexy look will not only make them more glamourous but will also cause the attention of both boys and girls to be on them.


4. Blinding Bangs

Heroines who have a driven and strong character can be seen with this type of hair look where one of their eyes is partially or completely hidden by their hair, but this doesn’t stop them from getting what they want.

Like the tough and bold military general Olivier Mira Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Ayase Ayatsuji from Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, who, to win her dojo back, works immensely to improve her sword skill.


5. Girls with Bun Hairstyles 

Girls who have medium to long hair can try the bun hairstyle. It not only makes them loveable but also more feminine. Anime character Miaka Yuuki from Fushigi Yuugi likes to tie ribbons around her buns to give it a more fun look, whereas Kagura from Gintama likes to wear her hair up in a bun with Chinese style-clothes.

On the other hand, Chun-Li likes to cover up her buns to divert the attention of others staring at her thighs.

14 Easy Anime Characters Hairstyles For Girls to try in 2021 Buns

6. Royal Hairstyles

Anime girls that play the role of princess or queen have hairstyles that are different than the normal; these royal hairstyles make them look more elegant and tidy, like Marie Antoinette from Rose of Versailles, who has gorgeous blonde hair. There’s also Aisha Codante from Five Star Stories and Aeka Jurai Masaki from Shin Tenchi Muyou! Whose long hair makes them more angelic.


7. Hair Drills 

This anime hairstyle will draw anyone’s attention no matter what is the personality of the character. These hair drills are seen in characters who possess a childlike nature, like Athena Tennousu from Hayate the Combat Butler!!, the devious-looking Biscuit Krueger from Hunter x Hunter and the arrogant attitude sporting Saki Tenjouin from To LOVE-Ru. This hairstyle requires medium-length to long hair to create noticeable drills.


8. Twintails 

Girls who like to play with colors and long wigs can try this twin-tail which only makes them look badass but also gives them a sweet and shy look like Mine from Akame ga Kill! she has a pink twin-tail that makes her look innocent and cute whereas, her character is a deadly sniper with a fast brain.

Then there is Miku Hatsune, a Vocaloid and a CG-generated live performer, whose aquamarine hair color gives her character a different look. Lastly, there’s Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon, who cares greatly for her close ones, even no matter how big of a crybaby or klutz she is.


9. Long Hairstyles

A standard hairstyle for almost all main female anime characters is a long hairstyle. This hairstyle gives the characters a sensual look and, at the same time, enhances their feminity, whether they are bold or timid. For instance, the bright pink long hair of Utena Tenjou makes her different whereas, Erza Scarlet’s long red hair highlights her womanhood. And then there is Saeko Busujima, whose long violet hair increases her desirability.


10. Ponytails

Females who play responsible and commanding roles are often seen with a ponytail. It fits their character and gives them a more classy and organized look like the student council president Eri Ayase from Love Live! School Idol Project. Also, Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann, who specialized in military weapons and equipment, is seen with this hairstyle on her long hair.

14 Easy Anime Characters Hairstyles For Girls to try in 2021 Ponytail

11. Short Hairstyles 

This hairstyle can be sported in different ways to express the unique personality traits of the anime characters. For example, Mikoto Urabe from Mysterious Girlfriend X has a playful and quirky personality whereas, Nana Osaki from Nana portraited a character of a punk rockstar with numerous piercings, and for Hana Midorikawa, this look gave her a shy and gentle touch.


12. Ahoge Hair

Anime girls like Lucy Yamagami from Servant x Service, Konata Izumi from LuckyStar, and Sumi Kuroi from Moetan are the loveable with striking ahoge hair who can make us giggle with their quirky personality.


13. Bald and Shaved Hairstyles

Only a few anime girls are there with bald or shaved heads, and looking at them may make few wonder whether they are members of gangs or underground punk bands. We can see Kriem from Tiger & Bunny, who sports this look after surviving a helicopter crash being sick and injured.

On the other hand, some characters want to stand out and opted for this look like the tomboyish Bellemere from One Piece and Mahoja from D.Gray-man; and this look is definitely for a daring soul.

14 Easy Anime Characters Hairstyles For Girls to try in 2021 Bald

14. Seriously Crazy Hair

Not all female anime characters want to style their hair in the usual way. Like the ahoge and hair drills, some likes to keep their hair untamed with notable colors. For example, Ritsuko Kunihiro from Shiki has long green strands which look somewhat laughable and frightening when it moves, and then there is Ragyou Kiryuuin from Kill la Kill, who uses her weaponized hairstyle against others with a rainbow-like emission.


Hairstyles inspired by anime girls can be a fun thing to try and experiment with. Ranging from simple black ponytails to notorious colorful hairstyles, all these can be really exciting and entertaining to work with.



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