Best travel destinations in 2021

In order to discover new people and new places, choosing the best travel destinations is very confusing to people. There must have lots of categories in the bucket list like Hills, Sea, Historical, Ancient, Romantic, Amusement, etc. It’s a big dilemma that; where to go? Why not make a bucket list and make sure that the best travel destination will be next?

To some people traveling is an addiction; some say it’s like meditation that turns every depression into relaxation. Consequently, some people think traveling is a great remedy of monotonous life. In any situation, traveling works like magic to life with a wave of freshness. After 2020 while the whole world was suffering from Covid-19, it is obvious having a vacation. But though the pandemic is not gone entirely, you have to keep proper safety and maintain social distance.


Now let’s talk about the best travel destinations around the world:

1. Paris:

This dream city draws myriad visitors with its unconventional beauty. Paris has a gigantic history of thousand years. Along with exudes culture, its classic style, sophistication, and classy ambiance will make you fall in love with Paris. This city of love has many famous landmarks here like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, etc. Apart from these, you can also ramble around Louvre Museum, Cruise on the Seine, Montmartre, Palace of Versailles, Disneyland Paris, and many more places.

2. Bali, Indonesia:

Bali is often compared with paradise by tourists. And they also say that you can’t get over visiting just once. Bali is mainly a tropical island located in Indonesia, southeast Asia. Each corner of Bali has surprises for its visitors. Apart from Sea beach, you’ll also explore volcanoes, Komodo dragons, and jungles sheltering tropical animals. Other than that, you can also visit Mount Batur, Uluwatu Temple, Ubud Forest, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, The Nusa Islands, and many more.

Best Travel Destination
Picture: Bali, Indonesia

3. Bora Bora, French Polynesia:

Bora Bora is introduced as Jewel of the South Sea. Its romantic ambiance and alluring beauty will drive you into another world. If you have a plan to go on a honeymoon trip, you should try Bora Bora. Because it is an internationally acclaimed honeymoon destination and I guarantee Bora Bora will worth every single penny for the most romantic place on the earth. You can also enjoy underwater sports like Scuba, Snorkeling, Jet Ski, etc.

4. Rome, Italy:

Rome is acknowledged to have the most ancient civilization. So if you are interested in history & archeology, you should definitely visit Rome. It is acclaimed as the 3rd most visited city in Europe. The colossal and monuments on the streets of Rome represents their glorious ancient culture. While exploring the archeology of the city, you can imagine how the combatants fought for modern civilization and brought up this era. This Iconic city is also a paradise for foodies because of its world-class cuisine. With the help of friendly locals, you can ramble around very easily.

Best Travel Destination
Picture: Rome, Italy

5. Phuket, Thailand:

Phuket is the largest beach of Thailand, often referred to as the pearl of Andaman. The unearthly beauty of this island will give you multisensory feelings. There are several beaches in Phuket like Patong, Kata and Karon beach, Kalim Bay, Cherngtalay, etc. But if you want to view over Phuket, please visit the viewpoints like Phromthep Cape, Karon Viewpoint, Windmill Viewpoint, Panwa, Radar Hill, and many more. Phang Nga Bay, James Bond Island, Similan and Surin, Koh Phi Phi are the islands around Phuket. Their beauty will also blow you away.

6. Dubai, UAE:

Dubai never stops impressing you. You can’t see everything at one visit for sure. The main attraction of Dubai city is Burj Khalifa has been the tallest creature in the world. You can also go to an underwater zoo and aquarium that will give you a tremendous sea life experience. Apart from that, Global village is a funfair which is the world’s most significant travel industry. Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Desert Safari, Flying cup, Escape games, Dhow cruise, Dubai Mall visit will make your Dubai tour inconceivable.

Best travel destinations
Picture: Dubai, UAE

7. Santorini, Greece:

The precious jewel of Aegean, Santorini is a group of islands comprising of Thíra, Thirassiá, Asproníssi, Palea, and Nea Kamén. The crescent-shaped Santorini is still an active volcano. When you step on Santorini, you will explore a new world. You can’t be ever prepared to face the beauty of Santorini. The Cycladic whitewashed houses with captivating sea views make the place heavenly. Sunset from old Santorini will make you feel supreme and exhilarating. The romantic ambiance will make every penny worthy on tour.

8. Maldives:

When anyone thinks about the Maldives, he/she pictures Blue Ocean, a villa on the clear water, swimming in the seawater. What a tropical feeling! The Maldives has its own cuisine with native culinary culture and incomparable taste. You can also experience the underwater restaurant and enjoy your meal watching fishes and corals in fresh blue water. There are plenty of water sports that you can enjoy like surfing, Kayak, scuba and many more. The fascinating part is you will get lots of perfect photo moments and places that you can keep in your memory.

Best Travel Destination
Picture: Maldives

9. Edinburgh, Scotland:

Edinburgh is one of the most popular tourist destinations and mostly home to many tourist attractions. It has a massive collection of classic and medieval architecture. If you ramble around the city on foot, you will be surprised by the splendid stone decorations, rocks, and rustic buildings. It is stated as one of the most lively cities in Europe. Position of the Edinburgh city is fantastic because you will notice the red cliffs, the hint of the blue sea, green hills, and many more bizarre scenarios if you explore from all sides. Edinburgh Castle is a must-see architecture. Apart from all Calton Hill, the National Museum of Scotland, Royal Mile, Edinburgh Military Tattoo are the must-see destination of Edinburgh.


10. Machu Picchu, Peru:

Machu Picchu is considered a masterpiece of Archeology, mainly an ancient Incan city. Covered by Andean forest, this once-lost city was brought to light newly in 1911. Tourists not only visits for its historical-cultural legacy, which has been admired throughout the world but also its enthralling and dazzling architectures. Surrounded by lush vegetation, it leaves no stone unturned to captivate you. Among almost 200 tourists within the citadel, it includes squares, temples, archaeological complexes, water fountains, residences, and monuments.


11. Kerry, Ireland:

Kerry is a beautiful travel destination, basically a county located at the southwest corner of Ireland. It has an enthralling landscape, scenic headlands, and crashing waves. In Kerry, there are the 10 highest peaks of Ireland which makes it a mountaineer’s heaven. The brightly painted houses in towns and villages will amaze you enormously. Apart from these, you can also visit Killarney National Park, Outline of Dingle Bay, Skellig Michael, Banna stand, Muckross house, and many more places.

12. Jaipur, India:

Often called” Pink City,” Jaipur is the state capital of Rajasthan. Except for the southern part, the city is surrounded by hills. Jaipur is a famous travel destination and full of life. The colorful, busy life and festive atmosphere will captivate you. Being a commercial trade center, it is very popular for glass, metal works, handloom weaving, hosiery, carpets, clothes, handcrafted jewelry, and shoes, etc.   The beauty of the main palace, home to a royal family named Jantar Mantar, will amaze you. Other than that, Hawa Mahal (hall of winds), Tiger Fort, Ram Bagh Palace, Nahargarh, Jaipur University, and many more places will captivate you. With this unconventional beauty, we all know that Indian foods are too delicious to forget.

Best Travel Destination
Picture: Jaipur, India

Besides these, these many more wonders exist in this world. You can’t get over not being surprised by those. Cinque Terre, Italy; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Las Vegas; Matterhorn, Switzerland; Budapest, Hungary; Beijing, China; Hawaii; Ibiza, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Hanoi, Vietnam; Providencia, Colombia; Copenhagen, Denmark; Santiago, Chile; Cairo, Egypt and many more places are appropriate to visit for travel-loving people.

The world holds innumerable wonders and enchanting beauties. So pack your backpack, tie your shoe and explore the world.



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