20 Easy and Manageable Men Hairstyles in 2021

Hair is a crucial part of our personality that should be taken care of and a good haircut will enhance our facial features. Men hairstyles are only part of the overall picture that connects them to the world and for that reason, the right hairstyle is very important to make us look more slick, classy, and sophisticated. 

As said by Richard Eberhart, “Style is the perfection of a point of view.” Indeed, for a man’s style statement, hairstyling is very important.

No matter whether it is the natural short hair or the thick and curly hair of black men, there are plenty of ways to cut and style it.


  • Blown Quiff

Thick hair is prominent when it is styled into a quiff as it creates a neat arc of movement that grabs the attention of anyone.

Men Hairstyle


  • Thick Top Style

In this hairstyle, the hair is loaded on top of the head whereas the sides are cropped to create a contrast look. The lively and fluffy thick poof is a fun style that is uncommon. 


  • Tousled N’ Roll

This “I woke up like this” hairstyle is easy to achieve as the hair just needs to get tousled into all waves and curls to give your face a soft look and it’s best to not use a let of hair products and just let the hair breathe.

  • Voluminous Curly Style

To get this look, some volume is needed for the hair for which it is necessary to not let it grow a bit longer. Then the smooth texture of the thick luscious hair will give this look a life.


  • Thick Quiff with Undercut

All you need is a good haircut with a combination of the quiff and the undercut to create this look. The top of the hair is kept long with volume and the sides are chopped short.  

  • Wavy Brush Up Men Hairstyles

All you need is a brush to create this brushed-up side-swept quiff. This hairstyle is perfect for thick hair with soft and smooth waves that look at its maximum effect. 



  • Disconnected Undercut

This disconnected undercut is going to give you are stylish and trendy look. For this, the top part of the thick hair is brushed up into a quiff to create a strong focus for attention.

20 Easy and Manageable Hairstyles For Men in 2021 disconnected side swept blond

  • Mild Quiff

This short quaff look is perfect for work and office environments. This subtle and neat look is both conservation and stylish.

  • Slicked Back Quiff

This is a classic short quiff style where the hair in the front is brushed to the back and the side a bit, giving it a unique look.


  • High Volume Undercut

For this look, all of the hair is dramatically swept to the side to give the hair a high voluminous undercut that is very difficult to overlook.


  • Vertical Hairstyle

No matter what the facial structure is or what hair color or facial hair you have, this undercut look is a haircut that anyone can rock.


  • Messy Brushed back with Undercut

If you want a modern and free-spirited look, then just twist the top parts of your undercut and you can achieve this messy brushed back look easily.


  • Disconnected Side Swept Blonde

This look is a balance between an elegant and moderate look with the side-swept and disconnected undercut. 

Men Hairstyle

  • Big Afro With Curls

One great thing about curly hair is that even after sleeping, all we need to do is ruffle it up a bit to style it up the way it was before. It’s easy and hassle-free to manage only if your know the right techniques. 


  • Skinny Dreadlocks

Ditch those heavy dreadlocks and try the lightweight ones that are easy to manage and look more appealing. 


  • Fro-Hawk

There’s no need to cut the hair for this look. As curly hair easily shrinks down after a hair washes, just pull out the center section of the hair with fingers or using an afro pick, leaving the sides untouched. 


  • Mohawk

This look is very work-friendly and to get this look, just shave the side of your hair and leave the rest as it is. Stretch and pick the hair to give it a curly or fro look. 

  • Clean Sides

For this look, just go clean shaved on the sides and display your textured cut.


  • Textured Crop

This look is great for short hair as it is easy to maintain and is low maintenance. The small fringes at the front give an element of fashion to the haircut.

Men Hairstyle

  • Twists + Line Up + Design

For men who like to look clean and yet unique, this twist with a lineup design is the best to maintain that fresh appearance.

A good hairstyle and haircut aren’t the only ones that lift our personality and features. We need to pay attention to the products we use and the way we care for our hair too. Most of these hairstyles are easy and versatile enough to wear on any occasion, so just pick out the one that goes best with your mood, time, and personality and rocks it.




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